Well, then what is it?

Honestly… it still is a lot like recruiting. But new and improved. For culture.

Much more than just the right person in the right job.

We help build capacity, across international borders and industries,

Beyond the usual suspects.

“They really understand what we are doing and what we need.”

Why tell me why?

The times they are a’ changin’ and new skills and attitudes are needed to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.
Traditional experience is valuable but no longer enough…

…and new stories can only be created with new ways of thinking – narratives that are business-like, holistic and cross-boundary. It’s exciting! Instead of recruiting from the usual suspects organisations need teams which are fresh, multi-disciplinary and entrepreneurial.

This is were we come in.

Traditional recruitment for the cultural sector looks within the sector and – no surprise here – only finds traditional candidates. Smaller recruitment agencies in culture lack contacts outside the sector or internationally and the big boys march in with big boots and don’t understand culture at all.
We bridge this gap.

We are capacity builders and understand the needs of your organisation. We don’t just match candidates to jobs, we offer strategic advice too, helping you think about the long-term needs of your organisation and the role a new person needs to fill in the development of your team.
So much more than just the right person in the right job.

“Their active network is impressive. We would have never found so many great candidates ourselves.”

Who do they think they are?

The team

Meet our experts!

Office Manager who keeps our shit together. Organisation-nerd and expert virtual assistant, but without any robot personality traits.

Enjoys life on a farm in Portugal.
An adventurer with a healthy
addiction to training courses.

LinkedIn profile

Entrepreneurial marketeer and sourcing expert. Creative mastermind. Delivers effective strategies in clear language and surprising candidates.

Plant lover, Ambivert,
Very competitive parlour gamer
but a wonderful loser too

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Independent creative consultant who really enjoys to challenge the status quo. Hailed for his visionary view and rewarded for concrete results.

Great cook,
Loving pug owner,
Podcast host

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Debayani Das


Strategy consultant with a Psychology master. Uses scientific tools to increase diversity and inclusion. And yes, she sees right through you.

VR geek, Indian classical dancer,
Prefers to watch horror movies
alone in the dark

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Multidisciplinary consultant. Is an innovative, all-round maker and an authentic strategist at the same time; with an intersectional twist.

Proud cat mom, culinary daredevil who doesn’t shy away from online recipes in unknown languages

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An all around creative marketing specialist.
Working on keeping DDJ& relevant and bringing the agency in the eye of the right public.

Nature lover, clothes hoarder
and mixture of all things that
don’t usually go together.

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A creative recruitment consultant and (film)maker. Developed a keen eye for extraordinary people in New York and a talent for creating authentic connections.

Low-key goth & flower child.
Turning her house into a Dr. Martens store, one shoe at a time.

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Dedicated recruitment consultant with a solid background as a lawyer. Determined to use her knowledge and skills to find the missing puzzle piece for you.

Multiple-time Lingo champion. Passionate about media, entertainment, and everything related to Harry Potter.

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The founders

Over 50 years of experience between us. Working in and for culture.

Across several countries, as employees, employers, board members, and funders.

We understand.

Marina Norris Arts

A cultural consultant who works to empower organisations and individuals to deliver their ambitions. A background in arts funding, cultural leadership and strategic partnerships.

Advocate for culture in the UK
Mentor, producer and
plastic jewellery freak

LinkedIn profile

t: +44 7730 375 218
e: marina@dixon-dejaeger.com

Bram de Jaeger

Former corporate banker. Don’t let that scare you. He‘s an innovative thinker and a genuine matchmaker with an extensive network in but also outside the cultural world.

Founder ABN AMRO’s Cultural Heart
Treasurer to cultural organisations
Vinyl collector and theater aficionado

LinkedIn profile

t: +316 30339315
e: bram@dixon-dejaeger.com

David Dixon

Advisor to boards, teams and senior management. Comfortable in five languages and many countries, experienced in building his own businesses as well as guiding others.

Fundraising specialist and trailblazer
Frequent conference speaker
Mountain walker and former dancer

LinkedIn profile

t: +316 2472 5101
e: david@dixon-dejaeger.com

“We wanted top quality and all-inclusive service. And that’s exactly what DDJ& gave us.”

How can we help you?


Insider or outsider?
Either way, if you’re looking for your next move:
We’ll help you find your ideal job in the world of culture.
From long term thinking to practical steps.


Still recruiting from the usual suspects?
It’s a new era.
We’ll introduce you to new cultural business leaders and department heads.
We can also advise you on staff strategy and development.


Boards need to play an active role to enable organisations to thrive.
We train boards and find new candidates.
We work with individuals as well as organisations.
Inclusive & international.

Junior Board

Our concept won the SponsorRing 2019:
learning & development with social impact!
Here you will get more information about the Junior Board-program.

“We wanted a new director, not just a substitute. That’s why we asked DDJ&.”

What did you call us?

DDJ& changing the world

We like to do things differently.

That’s why we joined the B Corp movement.

Our mission is to break with the status quo in recruitment for cultural organizations, by introducing candidates outside the usual suspects. We like to see boards and teams flourish with a strong diversity of backgrounds, networks, cultures and ideas.

We help organizations recognize and tap into this unleashed potential. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive and stronger sector as a whole.

September 2018 DDJ became the first certified B Corp in recruitment for culture worldwide. B Corps companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They balance purpose and profit, by considering the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

By setting an example, this global movement of certified B Corporations wish to inspire all companies to use business as a force for good. We are proud to join this worldwide community with Triodos Bank, Ben&Jerry’s, Patagonia and many others.

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